Shop Smart, Eat Smart Healthy Food Retail Initiative

shop smart eat smart virginiaWish your local store stocked healthier foods and beverages? We understand that it’s hard to practice healthy eating and healthy living when food options are limited. The Virginia Family Nutrition Program works with stores throughout the state to promote healthy purchases and encourage the stores to stock healthier options. We call it the Shop Smart, Eat Smart healthy food retail initiative. Through Shop Smart, Eat Smart, we highlight healthy items in stores so you can find them easily. We offer nutrition information and recipes so you can cook new, healthy foods for yourself and your family. Look for the shopping basket in one of the stores. Find a store near you on our map below.

You can help us by becoming a Food Champion.

Did you know that you can ask your local stores to sell healthier options?

Virginia Cooperative Extension Family Nutrition Program works to teach people about nutrition and healthy living. Increasing access to nutritious foods is an important part of our work. Therefore, in order for Virginians to live healthier lives, it’s important that they have easy access to healthy foods no matter where they are in life.

After learning about healthy living in our program, you likely have started shopping for healthier foods. Many participants share that it’s hard to find healthy options at their nearest stores. Therefore, we decided to pilot our Voice Your Choice program, which teaches you how to talk to local stores and advocate for yourself. Be a food champion for yourself, your family, and your community by requesting that your local store stock up on nutritious foods that fit into MyPlate.

Talk to your local nutrition educator or SNAP-Ed agent if you would like to learn more about Voice Your Choice and how to go about asking for healthier foods at your local store. They can offer suggestions and provide support for your efforts.