Create a Stress-Free Home

All people go through stressful times, and you’re not alone. When too much stress builds up, you are left feeling flustered and unhappy. It is so important to find ways to cope with stress to continue living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Have a Clean Space 

When your space is cluttered, your mind may also feel cluttered. Clean your space so your mind can focus on productive tasks.

  • Start with something small such as a dresser drawer or kitchen cabinet.
  • Build your way up to larger projects.
Get Enough Sleep 

Not getting enough sleep is often a cause of stress. Sleep is essential for our bodies to function at its best and reset after each day.

  • Relax before going to bed by reading or watching TV.
  • Avoid caffeine in the evening.
  • Don’t take on demanding tasks before bed.
  • Go to bed around the same time each night to create a nighttime routine.
Manage your Time

Managing your time is helpful during times of stress so you can turn your focus onto organization and productivity.

  • Make a to-do or goal list of things to accomplish throughout the day.
  • Turn your focus onto something positive such as exercising, reading, or cooking.
Fuel your Body

Eating a balanced, healthy diet and drinking enough water are vital for your mind and body to operate at its full potential. 

  • Don’t skip meals. 
  • Set a reminder to eat your meals or snacks.
  • Eat a variety of foods that help your mind and body such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
Enjoy a Stress Relieving Activity

Stress is normal and can be helpful at times, but everyone should have a hobby or activity that allows them to forget their worries for a few hours. 

  • Find a hobby to take your mind off of what is stressing you.
  • Pick an activity you enjoy such as journaling, drawing, or listening to music. 
  • Hobbies help channel your energy and will help you gain a stronger, more creative, and clear mind.

Making these small changes will help reduce your stress, have a level mind, and live a happier life within the comfort of your home. Try these tips and discover more resources to make a long term stress management plan. 

By Jordyn Jarvis

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