Exercising with Kids

Exercise can relieve stress, prevent certain diseases, and keep you energized. However, sometimes it can be hard to keep an exercise routine when there are little ones around. Invite your kids to join you in these fun activities that get your heart pumping.

Have a Dance Party

Have fun moving by having a dance party with kids of any age!

Moving your body can be as simple as playing music and having a dance party. Play a variety of music genres, and see who has the best moves. You’re likely to get some great laughs!

Go Outside

There are an endless number of outdoor activities to get you moving. Walk in your neighborhood, around your apartment complex, or on a local nature trail. If there are no tripping hazards, race your kids to the end. You might be surprised at their speed! Another idea is to play a sport as a family, such as soccer, football, or tennis. You can also create a relay race, build an obstacle course, or play a friendly game of tag.

Try an Exercise Video

There are thousands of free exercise videos on YouTube and on the eatsmartmovemoreva.org website. Many videos cater to children, whether the focus is on dance, yoga, or another fun way to get you and your kids moving. Some videos are made with both parents and kids in mind! Make a playlist of your favorites or explore new ones each day.

These are a few of the many ways you can get moving with your kids. Which one will you try first?

By Elizabeth Uliana

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