Festive Holiday Drinks

Holiday parties are a fun way to celebrate the season and spend time with family and friends. Many people have a special recipe they prepare for these events as part of their holiday traditions. Festive beverages make an appearance at many holiday parties, like eggnog, punch, or holiday cocktails. And as delicious as these can be, they are also a source of added calories, sugar or even fat. But you can have your XX and drink it too with these tips for smarter beverages.

Make Your Water Sparkle

Sparkling water is a huge trend right now and for good reason. Sparkling water, even the flavored varieties, are calorie-free and provide the fizzy sensation of soda without the sugar. Or you can add your own custom flavors to plain sparkling water with fresh or frozen fruits, chopped herbs like mint or basil, or even veggies like cucumbers or jalapenos. Try our recipe for Strawberry Soda or visit the Rev Your Bev website for more flavored water combinations.

different flavored waters in mason jars

DIY Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa on a cold winter evening is a perfect holiday treat. Most prepacked cocoa mixes are full of added sugars, though. You can make your own DIY hot cocoa mix and control the amount of sugar you drink. Try these recipes from Illinois Extension and North Dakota. This mix would also make a wonderful gift packed in a decorated jar.

Merry Mocktails

Alcohol is available at many different holiday functions. Just remember that if you choose to drink, the recommended limit is just 1 standard drink for women or 2 for men. Why not try a fancy, but alcohol-free, mocktail instead? Mocktails are similar to flavored water, but replicate the flavors of different mixed drinks. For example, instead of a mojito, muddle mint and lime in a nice glass and top with ice and sparkling water. This recipe for a Trinidadian Sorrel would be a beautiful drink for a holiday party, especially if garnished with a few blueberries or lime peel.

The holiday season can challenge us with all the extra treats, larger meals, and liquid calories. Be sure to practice moderation, make time for physical activity, and plan ahead to make smart choices. Saving calories on your beverages by choosing these healthier alternatives can help make this a happy and healthy holiday season. Cheers!

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