Happy National Canned Food Month!

Not only is February American Heart Month, it’s also National Canned Food Month! Today, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of eating canned foods.


Canned foods are relatively cheap and can be easier on your wallet than buying fresh. Nutrition-wise, canned foods are actually very similar to fresh or frozen foods. Just be sure to choose low-sodium canned foods. If you can’t find low-sodium options, rinse the food in a colander to get rid of some of the excess salt. Also, try to choose fruit canned in 100% juice instead of fruit canned in syrup.

Tweet this: Fun fact: Canned tomato products have more lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes and tomato products, than fresh tomatoes. The heating process makes lycopene more easily absorbed.

Another plus of using canned foods is that they have a long shelf life. You can stock up your Better Pantry on canned goods and they will usually be good for a year or two. Just make sure to check the “use by” date and toss any expired foods.

Canned foods are also very convenient and portable. It’s much easier to open a can of vegetables, beans, or soup than to wash, chop and cook these foods from fresh ingredients. Canned foods are already cooked and are ready to heat and eat!

Remember to practice good food safety with canned foods. If you’re not going to eat the entire can of food right away, keep the leftovers in a sealed container (not the can it came in) in the refrigerator. Also, check to make sure that cans that are not busted or bulging.

Basically, canned foods are a win-win: they are nutritious, cheap, and convenient! These recipes make use of canned foods and are great go-to meals for busy days.

Confetti Bean Salsa

Three Bean Salad

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