How to Cut Down on Added Sugars at Home

Lately we’ve talking a lot about added sugars and heart health. Here are some simple swaps to help you cut down on added sugars at home:

Eat Smart

  • Choose low-calorie, sugar-free drinks like water, calorie-free drink mixes, or diet drinks. If you like fizz, try adding slices of your favorite fruit or a splash of fruit juice to seltzer water.
  • When drinking juice, choose 100% fruit juice instead of fruit-flavored drinks that are mostly just added sugar. Or eat a piece of whole fruit instead of drinking juice for added fiber and less sugar!
  • Buy fresh or frozen fruit or canned fruits in water or 100% juice. Try to avoid canned fruit in syrup. Eat a piece of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Use fruit in place of sugar to sweeten your cereal or oatmeal.
  • Choose reduced-sugar syrups, jams, and jellies. Other condiments like ketchup and salad dressings have sugar, too. Use these in moderation.
  • Cut down on the amount of sugar you add to your food at home such as in your oatmeal, cereal, coffee, and tea. Try cutting the amount you normally use in half or try using a sugar substitute.
All the places sugar creeps into your diet really adds up.

All the places sugar creeps into your diet really adds up.

Cook Smart

  • If you like to bake, try cutting down on the amount of sugar the recipe calls for. Use unsweetened applesauce in its place. One cup of sugar is equal to one cup of unsweetened applesauce. Try out this recipe for Apple Raisin Bran Muffins. You can also try using a artificial sweetener baking blend to cut the amount of sugar in half.
  • Add flavor to your baked goods without adding extra sugar by using spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. You can also add vanilla or almond extract to boost the flavor.

Cutting down on added sugar will not only save you calories, but it may also help you choose a healthier diet overall, with more fruits and whole grains and less processed foods. Do you already limit added sugars at home? Share your tips or changes your family has made with us!

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