Move More at Farmers Markets?

Our campaign promoting the use of SNAP at farmers markets uses the tagline “Eat Smart, Move More at Farmers Markets.” But you may be wondering how can you move more at farmers markets. In our program, we encourage people to increase their physical activity in many ways, from traditional workouts to fitting in fitness during everyday activities. Which means that there are ways to move more at the market.

Active Commuting

It may be the most obvious, but you can walk/bike/jog/skip/etc. to the farmers market instead of driving. Finding opportunities to drive less and use your own two feet is a great strategy to move more every day. And before you point out that it’s too far from your house to the market, I live 26.5 miles from the farmers market and I usually walk. No, I’m not so crazy to walk a marathon just to get stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies. I just walk from work, a much more reasonable 1-mile trip. Think about ways you can visit the market as part of your errands and walk between the different places you need to go. (Just remember to save the groceries for your last stop to keep your food safe.)

Cut a Rug

Farmers Markets offer family-friendly events to help you Eat Smart, Move More at Farmers Markets

Many markets feature live music and other family-friendly entertainment. So if the music moves you, dance! Dancing is one of those awesome physical activities that don’t feel like exercise and is fun for all ages.

Open Air Workouts

While this is not very common (yet!), some markets offer group exercise classes on-site. So you can get sweaty with a boot-camp style workout, or get zen with a yoga session right at the market. The only market I know of in Virginia that offers this is the Vinton Farmers Market. The program Shake, Bake, and Sprout teaches kids to move more (shake), eat smart (bake), and grow container gardens (sprout). If you know of others, share in the comments!

What other ways have you been active at a farmers market?

What are some other entertainment, programs, or activities offered at your market?

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