Quick Breakfast Ideas to Help You Earn an A!

Written by Rachel Sable
Part of National Nutrition Month 2013

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I’m the type of person who presses the snooze button at least three times before actually getting out of bed. I love my sleep (as do all college students!) and absolutely dread setting my alarm clock. Due to about 30 minutes lost during my over pressing of the snooze button, I have to get ready for the day in the quickest way possible. As a student studying nutrition I am aware of the importance of breakfast and must decide, “What can I eat that is quick yet provides a jump start to my day?” I’ve found that cereal seems to be the most tasteful option.

multi-grain O's cereal

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Cereal can be a great breakfast option if you are choosing the right ones. I always check the nutrition label and serving size. Never rely on the claims made on the front of the box!



What should be in your cereal per serving size?

  • High in fiber (more than 3g)
  • Low in sodium (less than 200 mg)
  • Low in sugar (10g or less)
Multi-grain flakes cereal

Image by Rachel Sable

Now we all have a hard time choosing the ‘healthy’ cereal over the ‘sugar’ cereal in the grocery aisle but there are healthier cereal options that taste just a great as the ‘sugar’ cereals. Plus, you can include a serving of fruit to your cereal, like I always do, to add some sweetness to your breakfast.

Which cereal will you choose for breakfast?


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