Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Erin Ford
Part of National Nutrition Month 2014

sweet treat without the guilt

Image by Caroline Stephenson

It’s 8pm and so far you’ve stuck to your decision to live a healthier life. You woke up early and prepared a delicious breakfast, packed a colorful meal for lunch at work, and made stir-fry packed with so much zest and flavor you thought you were in Thailand.

But as you relax on the couch, enjoying your favorite TV show, you get an urge. You want anything sweet; no make that, everything sweet. In a moment of weakness you find yourself indulging in a pint of double chocolate chip ice cream.

We’ve all experienced the magical force that makes ice cream randomly appear in our lap. I understand, you accomplished eating tasty and nutritional meals all day but you want to satisfy your sweet tooth too.

Do you have a serious love and appreciation for Pinterest like I do? If yes, then this is a great site to visit for more fun and creative ideas for healthier desserts. Before you click over to Pinterest, here are some ways you can “indulge” in the sweets without ruining your day of hard work to fit in all your veggies.

  • Fruit based Frozen Yogurt or Fruit Sorbet
    • Frozen yogurt and sorbet contain less calories and fat on average than ice cream. These items can be tangy, sweet, or tart and leave you feeling refreshed while ice cream leaves you feeling weighed down and thirsty.
  • Chopped fruit dipped in chocolate
    • Chop up any fruits you can find, melt some dark chocolate, dip, and savor the delicate balance of rich and tangy flavors.
    • This allows you to get your chocolate fix while enjoying an intense and sophisticated flavor.

Remember, it’s okay to eat that square of chocolate staring you down, don’t be too strict with food. These are just quick sugar fixes to satisfy you without putting a dent in your healthy day. Take these suggestions and apply them to your favorite nighttime snack. For example, turn the chocolate dip idea into a fondue fountain when you have all your friends over! How can you make your guilty pleasure a little less guilty?


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