Shelf-Stable Meals from Your Better Pantry

Our Better Pantry series shared ideas for healthy foods to keep on hand that are low-cost and can be used for many different meals. Check out our recommendations for shelf-stable items before we begin brainstorming ideas for creating meals from these ingredients. And since we’re currently in hurricane season and may experience some effects from Dorian this weekend, we’ll also talk about how these foods can be used in emergencies, too. 

Meal Ideas

No Cook Emergency Meals

Emergency Food Supply

Emergency preparedness experts recommend keeping a 3 day supply of nonperishable foods and water for each member of the family (and pets, too). Don’t forget the manual can opener! You can build up a store of Better Pantry items for emergencies by looking for sales or coupons for shelf-stable items like canned fruit, vegetables, and protein foods, along with peanut butter and easy to cook whole grains like couscous. Once you’ve stocked up 3 day’s worth of food, you can start to rotate through them. This will help you budget for the supply as well as ensure the food is not expired if an emergency happens.

Shelf stable foods are convenient for quick meals as well as in emergencies. Stocking your Better Pantry will help keep you fed, both normally or during an emergency, without breaking the bank if you plan ahead. Do you have a meal plan for emergencies or power outages?

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