Slow Cooker Summer Recipes for the Busy Family

Spending more time at home right now doesn’t mean dinners have to be fancy and complex. It’s hard to find the time to cook a meal after working a busy day from home with many new distractions around you, including taking care of your family and pets, feeding everybody, and doing chores around the house. By the time dinner rolls around, you are truly exhausted.

This is why slow cookers are perfect for those busy nights! If you plan ahead and use your time intentionally, dinners can be a cinch. Put everything together during your lunch break or when you have a free moment, and come back to your kitchen for dinner with hungry bellies and the smell of sweet summertime filling your home. 

These recipes are the perfect reason to whip out that slow cooker that normally sits on your shelf all summer. It’s as easy as can be! You simply put all the ingredients together, and let the slow cooker do the work. All you do is set it and forget it.

Building a Meal Plan

Meals made using a slow cooker fit perfectly into meal planning for the week. Since they’re effortless and usually produce high volumes of food, making slow cooker side dishes is a helpful tip to meal prep for the week so things don’t get boring. Using a slow cooker to make rice and unseasoned ground meats creates the perfect meal starter that you can personalize with any flavor profile later in the week. 

Eating smart means planning ahead so that when you get back to work, you can come home to a dinner made ready for you and your family.

Recipes You Will Love

This sweet and savory pork stew is a seasonal favorite and it’s perfect for those special occasion dinners. It’s simple to put together and is served over a bed of brown rice. This meal, rich in fruits and veggies, delivers many important nutrients while giving your mouth a cozy feeling. 

If you are looking for a sweet yet hearty side dish, you came to the right place. Try this Apple and Sweet Potato Casserole. Cook 4-6 hours on high to modify this recipe for a slow cooker. Your little ones are guaranteed to love it! It relieves the sweet tooth and it is a good source of fiber.

By Karen Buynak

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