Spring Sports Help Families Move More

Spring is officially here and the grass is getting greener every day. This time of year is also when many kids across the state will lace up cleats and grab a glove as baseball, softball, and soccer seasons start up. Participating in sports helps kids develop important life skills, like teamwork, self-discipline, and goal-setting. And of course, sports help kids move more. But did you realize that spring sports can help the whole family be more physically active?

During practice or games

Instead of sitting and watching, get up and move around during practices or games. The beauty of spring sports is they’re often outdoors with plenty of open space to use. You can walk laps around or along the field while your kids are playing without missing any of the action. Often, the fields are located in parks with a playground nearby for younger kids to use.

playing catch with dad

How does your family move more together?

At home

Help your future all-star get in extra practice at home. Spend time after school playing catch or dribbling a soccer ball together. Remember, kids need 60 minutes of physical activity every day, not just on practice and game days. You’ll also get the benefits of moving more. Learning more about your kid’s favorite sports makes watching their games more fun for you, too. And playing together is much better for family bonding than watching TV. If you don’t have a good space to play together, visit a local park. Some schools allow residents to use their facilities (gym, fields, playgrounds) after hours.

Assistance for youth sports participation

Most communities offer youth sports leagues, either through the parks and recreation department, the YMCA/YWCA, or the Boys and Girls Club. And most youth sports leagues have assistance available for equipment or registration fees to make sure that all kids who want to play can participate. Ask the person in charge of the league or your school resource contact person.

Sports can be a positive experience for kids. And with these tips, you can turn your kid’s sports season into an opportunity for the whole family to move more. What sports do your kids play? Did you play sports as a kid?

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