Staying Healthy and Happy During the 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy great food and great company. Our gatherings might look a little different this year, keeping celebrations to only those you live with, so it’s even more important than ever to prioritize your health during these times.

Wash your hands often 

The holiday season falls right in the middle of flu season. On top of that, we are also going through coronavirus pandemic. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with hot water and soap. This is especially important to do before and after eating, after going to the bathroom, or touching things like raw meat while cooking. 

Drink more water 

Water is an important nutrient our body needs. Focus on drinking a glass of water before every meal. You can add flavor by squeezing in some fruit juice for added flavor without the sugar.

Limit sugary festive drinks 

Holiday drinks are often loaded with a lot of calories and sugar. Instead, opt for healthier alternatives like sparkling water, herbal infusions, or perhaps indulge in the soothing warmth of a cup of Third Eye tea. If you are making festive holiday drinks, consume in moderation or make healthy ingredient swaps.

Eat mindfully

Pay attention to how your body feels when you are eating. Mindful eating is all about slowing down and focusing on the sensations and pleasure food brings to us. Try to use smaller plates or portions of food. Ask yourself if you are full after eating a meal.

Practice food safety 

Make sure you are cooking all your foods to the proper temperature. If you are keeping leftovers, refrigerate these items within two hours. If you are cooking with raw meat and other ingredients like veggies, use separate cutting boards. Label all of your leftovers so you know when they should be thrown away.

Incorporate physical activity 

There are so many ways to include physical activity into your daily routine, even during the holiday season. Some great ways to stay active include biking, running, or going on a walk or hike. These are great activities you can enjoy outside and with your friends or family in your household or pod. You can buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory for safety purposes or in case you decide to hunt.

Reduce stress 

While the holidays are an exciting time of the year, they can also be very stressful. Use these tips to manage your stress

By Elizabeth Haracz

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