Summer Treats to Cool Off and Eat Smart

When the weather heats up, it’s time to start reaching in the freezer for a cool summer treat. And I don’t mean for those plastic tubes of frozen colored sugar water. The Family Nutrition Program has plenty of tasty recipes for healthier popsicles and smoothies that your whole family will love.

When you make your own summer treats, you get to control the ingredients and can make healthier choices. These frozen goodies get their sweetness from fruit and yogurt, which provide vitamins and minerals that added sugar doesn’t. Most of these recipes are also made with low-fat dairy foods, which are good for bone health. For adventurous eaters, some of these recipes also have super-good-for-you dark leafy greens. Leafy greens are also great for bone health and can be lacking in many peoples’ diets.

Are you ready to break out the blender?

You can also get creative and come up with your own favorite smoothie flavor combinations. Get inspired with this Basic Smoothie Recipe.

I’ve seen a lot of fun homemade popsicles online, too. The following Basic Popsicle Recipe is a fun way to get your kids excited about cooking. Help them combine their favorite fruits, juices, or dairy products. They’ll love taste testing their different creations. Make things more interesting by layering different flavors for rainbow colored popsicles. The hardest part of making popsicles at home is waiting until they’re frozen to eat them!

generic recipe for making popsicles and frozen pops

It’s easy to mix and match ingredients using the Basic Popsicle Recipe.

Note- If your family likes popsicles, it may be worth buying popsicle molds. It’s easier to remove the popsicles and they’re reusable. But you can also use paper cups with wooden sticks or plastic spoons or ice cube trays and toothpicks.

Does your family enjoy frozen treats in the summer? What are your favorite flavors?

4 comments on “Summer Treats to Cool Off and Eat Smart

  1. Ellen on

    Hi Austin,

    This may be fun to try with some of my summer camp sites. Are there any combinations you recommend?

    • Austin Brooks on

      Any of your favorite smoothie recipes would work well. I know the Green Monster Smoothie and the Berry Purple Smoothie recipes are pretty popular. You can also make a very simple popsicle with some frozen fruit and 100% juice, no blending needed. Frozen mango chunks and pineapple juice would be a fun tropical combination. Frozen orange juice concentrate mixed with vanilla yogurt would be a tasty Creamsicle-like flavor. Let us know what you create and how the kids like it!


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