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Faces of FNP – Tia P.

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to one of our very accomplished Program Assistants, Tia P. Tia is a fixture of her community in Greensville/Emporia and Southampton, VA, where she has been teaching both youth and adults how to Eat Smart and Move More on a budget for the last four years.


Worlds Healthiest Diet?

The evidence keeps building about the Mediterranean Diet and its health benefits. The Mediterranean Diet has been linked with reduced risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke, cancer, and dementia. The newest study about the Mediterranean Diet shows that it can help keep our cells healthy and protect us against early death. It’s safe… Continue Reading Worlds Healthiest Diet?


Happy and Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time of year, for kids and adults alike. The creative costumes, the spooky decorations, and of course the bags full of candy make Halloween a very popular holiday. But that last one, the bags full of sugary candy, also makes Halloween the start of a tricky time of year to… Continue Reading Happy and Healthy Halloween!


Shopping in Bulk

When you use unit pricing to compare costs of different foods, you quickly learn that larger sizes are often a better buy. But there are a few things you should think about before you bring home that 30-pound bag of rice and case of canned tuna. Is It Worth It? Storage space– If you don’t… Continue Reading Shopping in Bulk


Kimchi, the Korean Superfood

Written by Jack Peacock Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 How could anything containing cabbage, radish, garlic, red pepper, onion and ginger not be considered a healthy choice? Those are some of Kimchi’s star ingredients and not only do they offer enormous health benefits on their own but when mixed together and fermented as they… Continue Reading Kimchi, the Korean Superfood