All About Eggs

Plant-based proteins are one of the most affordable options for people on a budget, but eggs come in a close second. One egg costs about $0.17 compared to an equivalent serving of beans (¼ cup), which costs about $0.06 for dried beans or $0.08 for canned beans. Not only are eggs affordable, they’re one of… Continue Reading All About Eggs

Cooking with Winter Produce

Happy first day of winter! It’s not the most bountiful season for fresh produce, but some of our favorite root crops, dark leafy greens, winter squash, and tropical fruits are in season in winter. Check out our collection of best winter dinners and easy winter dishes. Enjoy!


All About Peaches

Fresh peaches are one of the official signs of summer, along with homegrown tomatoes and sweet corn. August is National Peach Month, so visit your local farmers market or grocery store and stock up on these tasty fruits. When you buy in-season, you get the best taste and price.  


Garnish Your Plate With Herbs

Herbs are a special category of vegetables. They are aromatic plants, meaning they have strong smells and flavors. Herbs, along with spices, garlic, and onions, give distinctive tastes to our favorite dishes. Many of the traditional flavor combinations of different cuisines from around the world are because of the herbs from that culture. Oregano is… Continue Reading Garnish Your Plate With Herbs


Spring Produce Recipes

Is everyone else as excited about spring’s arrival as I am? The vibrant green of the leaves and grass as they start to grow is by far my favorite color. And with all this plant growth, you know what that means… fresh fruits and veggies are on their way!


Soup’s On!

January is National Soup Month, which fits nicely with this cold winter weather that is finally here. Nothing warms you up better on a cold evening than a steaming hot bowl of hearty soup or stew. Soup also offers an easy way to eat smart by following the MyPlate building blocks to create a healthy,… Continue Reading Soup’s On!


All About Pears!

November is National Pear Month. Pears are in season in the fall in Virginia. There are two main types of pears- European pears, the iconic hourglass shaped green, yellow, or red pears, and Asian pears, which look more like apples with yellow-brownish skins. No matter what variety you try, perfectly ripe pears are delicious! Pear… Continue Reading All About Pears!


Meal Planning Help for the Busy Family

Do you struggle with meal planning? Do you prepare meals for your family or just yourself? Whether you are cooking for one or more, meal planning is a skill that takes practice be learned. Even if you know how to plan and shop in advance, it still requires something precious and costly – your time.