Thanksgiving Leftover Remix

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. We had a great meal with family and the weather cleared up enough that we were able to take our traditional post-dinner walk. That walk is always refreshing in the crisp air and let me tell you, no one who goes for a walk ends up napping on the couch!

So after all the cooking leading up to the big meal, and the fridge full of leftovers means today is a perfect day for leftover remix. Here are some ideas for taking leftovers and making a totally different meal, that hopefully doesn’t take too much time or effort.

Thanksgiving Leftovers. Don't toss that Turkey, use it to make stock.

Thanksgiving Leftovers. Don’t toss that Turkey, use it to make stock.


This is the easiest meal to remix your leftovers in. For instance, we have leftover ham and biscuits, so I just cooked an egg for each biscuit and viola, breakfast is served.

You could also make another easy egg dish, quiche, with whatever vegetable or meat leftovers you have. Try this recipe and use whatever fillings you can find in your fridge.


The easiest and most common day after Thanksgiving lunch is probably a turkey sandwich. But you can also use your leftovers for quick and easy recipes, like pasta, soup or salad. Any recipe you like that calls for chicken could easily feature turkey instead.


These recipes use leftovers in one-pot meals, so there are fewer dishes to clean. And after cleaning up yesterday, no one wants to spend that much time washing dishes again!


I thought this recipe would be a neat, kid-friendly way to use up leftover cranberry sauce instead of the jam.

Do you have any family traditions for your leftovers? Or do you forgo the remix and just have another meal of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

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