Faces of FNP

How FNP Helps Feed VA

In honor of Feed VA Day of Action, we’re highlighting Virginia Family Nutrition Program’s educators who take action every day as they empower Virginians to make good food choices, work to eliminate food deserts and strive to end hunger in our state. Our Program Assistants, SNAP-Ed Agents and volunteers work with individuals and families by… Read more »


Faces of FNP – Tia P.

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to one of our very accomplished Program Assistants, Tia P. Tia is a fixture of her community in Greensville/Emporia and Southampton, VA, where she has been teaching both youth and adults how to Eat Smart and Move More on a budget for the last four years.


Faces of FNP- Your Lovely Host, Austin B

It’s been a year and a half since I started getting to know you all over social media and I haven’t properly introduced myself. My sincerest apologies. But today, you will get to know me better so that you can put a face to the person behind this blog, our Facebook pages, Twitter handle and… Read more »


Faces of FNP: Pam W

For our very first Faces of FNP profile, I will be introducing you to Pam W, winner of July’s FNP Facebook Engagement Challenge and FNP Program Assistant in Prince William County. Pam is loving her Facebook page because she is able to reach more people and it makes her feel like what she is doing… Read more »