Easy and Delicious One Pot Meals

After making a delicious meal for the family, you shouldn’t have to spend the night cleaning up. One pot recipes create delicious meals that make cooking and cleanup a breeze.

No matter the time of year or day, one pot meals are always easy and delicious options. In the fall and winter, cozy up with one pot soups and stews! The warmer seasons are perfect for fresh vegetable sautés and whole grain pasta dishes.

There is not one “right way” to make one pot meals. Play around with various ingredients and spices and you’ll end up with a wonderful meal. These steps will guide you through making your own one pot meal!  

Start with cooking your protein first

Beef, pork, chicken, tofu, and beans are great protein options! 

  • Tip: If you decide to use dried beans make sure you soak them. Just put the beans in a pot, cover with a few inches of water, and then place the pot in the refrigerator overnight.
Add your veggies

Vegetables will add wonderful flavor and texture to your meal. Onion, peppers, spinach – you name it! 

  • Tip: Onions can quickly become too soft. Cook your other vegetables first, then add the onions towards the end.
Spice it up!

Now it’s time to add whatever spices you like. Adding spices will take your dish to a whole new level. 

  • Tip: too much salt can overpower your dish. Season lightly at first, or follow package directions. 
Add a grain

Some great options are rice, quinoa, millet, and buckwheat. Make sure you add enough water according to the package.

  • Tip: quinoa soaks up flavors easily but doesn’t have much flavor on its own. Use low sodium chicken broth instead of water when cooking quinoa to add flavor.

One Pot Cheesy Chicken Pasta. Ingredients: one large pot, oil of choice, two raw and diced chicken breasts, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper, one and one-half medium diced onions, one medium jar pasta sauce, three cups water, sixteen ounces of pasta, one and one half of mozzarella. Directions: First, add a drizzle of oil onto the pot and add the chicken. Sprinkle to taste Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and salt and pepper onto the chicken and cook until done. Second, Add the onion and cook for one to two minutes. Add the pasta sauce and water and bring to boil. Third, add the pasta, stir, cover, and cook over medium heat for 12-14 minutes. Fourth, stir in the mozzarella cheese until mixed in the pasta. Sprinkle Italian seasoning on top and Enjoy!

Ready to give one pot meals a try? Start your one pot meal journey with a delicious chicken stir fry, chicken quesadilla, or easy lasagnaFind more one pot recipes that you and your family will love in our recipe collection! Scroll down and use the filter “one pan dishes”.

By Christin Hensley

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