Have a Picky Eater? Make Mealtime Fun!

 Are you struggling to figure out how to make meal time more interesting? Do you have a picky eater on your hands who could use a little pizazz added to their everyday foods? It can be hard to please your kids, especially if they do not like fruits or vegetables. Below are some tips and tricks on how to make healthy look just a little more exciting on their plates!                           

  • Work on display: There are so many ways you can make the meal seem a little cooler for your kid. Find ways to involve shapes, but try and change up the display every time! For example, lay out the fruits and veggies to make pictures or use cookie cutters to make shapes in sandwiches, pancakes, etc.
  • Include their interests: If they love sports and games, make a game or competition out of the meal. Whoever finishes their veggies first gets some type of reward, such as 10 extra minutes of play time! If they love geography, emphasize the “Canadian” in Canadian bacon or the “French” in French fries. It may spark their interests and keep things super intriguing for them. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out their passion!
  • Bring on the color: Who doesn’t love when their food is overflowing in different colors? Make a rainbow with your fruits and veggies! Not to mention, this is a great way to give your child a variety of nutrients.
  • Give foods fun names: It’s said that giving foods fun names has kids loving and eating their nutritional meals more often! For example, carrots can be “rocket ships,» broccoli can be “little trees,» bananas can be “monkey fuel,» and so on.

    Mother and daughter shopping for produce in a supermarket.

  • Take your kids to the store: This method is a super easy way to teach your child about what they’re putting in their belly. This gives you the opportunity to point out different foods and what they are. You could also encourage your kids to point out an item they’d be interesting in trying. This can help them learn!

You know your child best. The most important thing to do is to try and entertain to their personality and spark the creative side of their minds. Do what you can to make healthy meals fun and continue to enjoy the forever growing bond you are forming with your little one. Now, get to it!

By Alyssa Nacin

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