Move More this Thanksgiving

Mother and daughter walking dog in fall woods

Make physical activity a part of your holiday plans. Adding activity to the holidays can help manage stress, improve sleep, aid in digesting meals, and create healthy traditions to share with your family.

FNP Virtual Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 2022

This Thanksgiving, Virginia Family Nutrition Program is encouraging you to participate in a virtual turkey trot. To join, simply plan a time to move in whatever way you enjoy – walk, hike, jog, dance, or do an online workout video. Record your steps, minutes, or miles (whichever is easiest for you). Invite your family or friends to join you. And consider sharing a picture or video of your activity. Use this form to submit your activity and be entered to win a prize!

Other Ways to Move More

Try our Thanksgiving themed strength workout below or any of our other workout videos. They’re perfect for doing at home and need minimal equipment, just a resistance band or other light weight, like a water bottle or can of beans.

Explore the great outdoors. The state of Virginia has natural beauty from the beaches to the mountains. Visit a Virginia State Park or a local park or trail to experience the fall leaves and long views once the leaves have fallen.

Games, like charades, Twister®, or Simon Says, are fun ways to get the whole family moving. In fact, family game night is a great tradition that should be done year round. Less screen time, more family time!