Why Do I Need A Grocery List?

Why should you use a grocery list? Well, it’s always good to have a plan. Planning your shopping trip helps you stay within your budget and shop quicker. Start by creating a meal plan so that you know what meals you want to make during the week. Then, put together a list so that you only buy the items you need at the store.

grocery shopping with list

Check your pantry first. Be sure to check your fridge and pantry for ingredients before buying more. This can help reduce food waste and save money for more important items.

Create your list by picturing the store. Do you plan to start at the fresh produce section and end with meats and poultry? Write down the items you need to buy in the order that you will put them in your cart.

Keep a running list of items you need from the store. As you use up pantry staples or remember things you need throughout the week, add these to your grocery list.

MyPlate has a helpful grocery list planner that is free, customizable and printable. The Virginia Family Nutrition Program’s grocery list template is below.

menu planner organized by MyPlate food groups