Outdoor Physical Activity for the Fall/Weather Season

Are you looking for activities to do outside as warm weather comes to an end and the leaves start to change color? It can be hard to find fun, healthy, and safe activities for your family when starts to get cold outside, but below we share few ways to get your family outside and moving for 60 minutes a day with fall activities.

Go for a Hike

Look for a local park or trail in your area to explore and go for a family hike. Enjoy looking at the leaves changing colors and bring a picnic filled with healthy and nourishing snacks to have at the end of the hike.

One popular hike in the New River Valley is Cascade Falls near Pembroke, VA which is a 4-mile loop and can be visited year-round. Bald Knob near Pembroke, VA is a 2-mile loop and is situated near Mountain Lake where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed. The Huckleberry Trail through Blacksburg and Christiansburg is a 9-mile trail with many entrances to the trail. McAfee Knob in Roanoke, VA is an 8-mile loop with a 270-degree view at the top. The Devil’s Marbleyard in Natural Bridge, VA is a 2-mile loop with a 360-degree view at the boulders.

Play in the Leaves

Turn the chore of raking fallen leaves into a family project. Everyone can grab a rake, pick up leaves, and help put the leaves in the trash bin. Make sure to jump in the leaf pile after!

Amp up the fun by turning this activity into a GAME – try encouraging your family members to count the leaves, compete for the largest pile of leaves, or create words or designs on the sidewalk/driveway with leaves.

Visit a Farm

Find a local farm in your area and take your family to visit the pumpkin patch, the petting zoo, and work your way through the corn maze. Make sure to enjoy a glass of apple cider or a hayride! Not only are you supporting local farmers and learning how these agricultural systems work, you can also enjoy the colors, flavors, and smells of the season.

A few local farms in the New River Valley are Sinkland Farms in Christiansburg, VA where you can pick pumpkins and sunflowers during the fall season, 3 Birds Berry Farm in Blacksburg, VA where you can pick raspberries and blackberries, and Doe Creek Farm in Pembroke, VA which features apple picking!

What are YOUR favorite ways to stay active during the cooler weather months?

By Sarah Beth Hollis and Morgan Gregg, MS 

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