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Homemade Energy Drinks

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in Gatorade? Have you ever had a Monster energy drink, or maybe a Propel or Red Bull? These drinks are tasty and can increase your energy before and after playing sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, or other physical activities. We even see famous athletes drink them on TV,… Continue Reading Homemade Energy Drinks

Avoiding Added Sugars

The holiday season is quickly approaching and bringing with it an avalanche of added sugar. It starts with Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving with all the desserts, the holiday parties in December and runs all the way through the new year, with a quick return in February for Valentine’s Day. Phew, that’s a solid 5 months… Continue Reading Avoiding Added Sugars


Life is Naturally Sweet

Today’s post was written by VT Dietetic Students Emily Rowe, Justin Morello, Cassie Mitchell, and Kira Runkle. Added sugars are not found naturally in foods; they are put into food or beverages when they are processed or prepared. The addition of these sugars increases the number of calories in a food or drink, but provides no… Continue Reading Life is Naturally Sweet


Should I Avoid Artificial Sweeteners?

Today’s post was written in response to a comment left on our post «Half and Half vs. Non-dairy Creamer- What’s the best for coffee?» We are fortunate that Emily Myers, a graduate student in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech, was willing to share her insights into this controversial topic.… Continue Reading Should I Avoid Artificial Sweeteners?


Don’t Doubt Dark Chocolate

Written by Nicole Guyette Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Many people think chocolate is sinful, but what if this isn’t true? Chocolate actually has some great qualities. What? Sounds crazy, right? Except, it’s not. Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, has a ton of health benefits found in its delicious taste. Don’t believe me? Well, you’re… Continue Reading Don’t Doubt Dark Chocolate


Delicious AND Healthy Chocolate Pudding… Is It Possible? Yes! It Is!

Written by Ashley Francis Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 If you are a picky-eater like me, trying new recipes and finding ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet is challenging. I mean it is really tough! My favorite staple-foods (sweet-treats, steak, and potatoes) offer little nutritional benefit. I also love high-fat meals… Continue Reading Delicious AND Healthy Chocolate Pudding… Is It Possible? Yes! It Is!


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Erin Ford Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 It’s 8pm and so far you’ve stuck to your decision to live a healthier life. You woke up early and prepared a delicious breakfast, packed a colorful meal for lunch at work, and made stir-fry packed with so much zest and flavor you thought you… Continue Reading Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Sweet Treats without the Guilt

Written by Erica Andersen Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Just because you love desserts as much as I do, doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy lifestyle. Desserts can be delicious and nutritious; you just have to be creative! Most sweet treats contain lots of empty calories due to added fats (like butter or… Continue Reading Sweet Treats without the Guilt