Farmers Markets

A Quick Guide to What’s in Season

Have you ever wondered why some fruits taste better in the summer compared to the winter? Or even why prices of produce vary throughout the year? It all depends on what’s in season!

Eating for a Happy Planet

June 28th was World Nature Conservation Day, so it is fitting to find ways to give back to the Earth after all it has shared with us. Here are a few tips to shift toward nature-friendly eating habits. Tip #1: Buy Local Shop for groceries at local stores, farmers markets, or farm stands. Buying foods… Read more »

Shopping at a Farmers Market

Have you ever heard of a farmers market? Maybe you’ve heard of a farmer, who is someone who grows and harvests food. Farmers markets are usually outdoor areas with sections where each farmer sells their fruits, veggies, or meat to the community to make money. It is also where artists, bakers, or makers can sell… Read more »


Why Eat Smart and Move More at Farmers Markets?

After hearing about #ESMMatFM all summer, you may be wondering, “What’s the big deal about farmers markets anyway?” More people are shopping for locally grown food at farmers markets than ever before. But there are still some who have not experienced the benefits of SNAP at Farmers Markets. Keep reading for a list of my… Read more »


Eating Smart and Moving More at Farmers Markets this Summer

Guess what is [finally] here? Our Eat Smart, Move More at Farmers Markets campaign! After months of planning, designing campaign materials (billboards, bus signs, magnets, and tote bags), and collaborating with Cooperative Extension Agents and Farmers Market Managers across the state, the campaign is totally up and running. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage… Read more »


Summer Fruits and Veggies Recipe Round-Up

Summer is prime time for locally grown seasonal produce. Which means that the variety, availability, and prices are the best of the year. Whether it’s coming from the grocery store, the farmers market, or your own garden, summer produce is sure to help you and your family eat smart and make half your plates fruits… Read more »


National Farmers Market Week 2014

For last year’s National Farmers Market Week, we talked about why and how you should shop for fresh, local food at your neighborhood market. This year, I want to give a little bit of an update on how much the use of SNAP at farmers markets have grown and how FNP has expanded their work… Read more »