Your “Apple a Day” Made Fun

Written by Kelli George Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 We have all heard that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, right? But who really feels like eating a plain apple EVERY SINGLE DAY? Apples are delicious, but I know that I am not the only one who gets tired of eating the… Read more »


Delicious AND Healthy Chocolate Pudding… Is It Possible? Yes! It Is!

Written by Ashley Francis Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 If you are a picky-eater like me, trying new recipes and finding ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet is challenging. I mean it is really tough! My favorite staple-foods (sweet-treats, steak, and potatoes) offer little nutritional benefit. I also love high-fat meals… Read more »


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Erin Ford Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 It’s 8pm and so far you’ve stuck to your decision to live a healthier life. You woke up early and prepared a delicious breakfast, packed a colorful meal for lunch at work, and made stir-fry packed with so much zest and flavor you thought you… Read more »


Fun & Fast Falafels

Written by Tessa Englund Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Maybe you’ve heard of falafels on TV, seen them on a menu, or have been lucky enough to try them! Falafels are traditionally made using chickpeas as a base. Similar to a spicier, Mediterranean version of hush puppies, they are usually also fried with a… Read more »


What Do You Eat After Exercising?

Written by Kelsey Conyers Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Do you know what to eat after exercising? Too often people assume that all the healthy foods taste bad, but there are a variety of delicious foods that are actually beneficial to consume after exercising. Do you know how important it is to eat well… Read more »


Adding Cinnamon Can Give You Sweeter Health

Written by Blake Cash Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Cinnamon has long been a staple in people’s pantries and is common in many recipes, especially sweeter ones. Cinnamon may seem like a simple kitchen staple, but it could have hidden health benefits on top of being delicious. One benefit is the spice’s ability to… Read more »


Unwrapped: Chocolate

Written by Melody Bowen Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Dear Chocolate, Why must you wear this mask of disguise? Some think you are a sinful treat and want to hide you; others avoid you at all cost, but you’re not fooling me! It’s what’s in the inside that counts, and you, my friend, have… Read more »


Flaxseed: A Heart-Healthy Booster

Written by Emily Boward Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 What is flaxseed anyways? Even the name may be new to you, but the tiny seed is gathering public attention due to its link to the prevention of heart disease. Where can you find it? You can pick up whole or ground flaxseed at your… Read more »


Did You Know Veggies Can Be Fast Food?

Written by Hayley Billingsley Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 If you’re like me, the end of a hard day often becomes an excuse for grabbing unhealthy snacks. Thirty minutes later, you’re full, but feel a little disappointed with yourself. Food should both taste great and leave us more energized. Learning to prepare tasty, fast… Read more »


Fantastic Fruity Flapjacks

Written by Alainna Baxley Part of National Nutrition Month 2014 Life can be hectic; how do you make sure you’re starting your day off with the nutrients you need to make it through the day? Do you usually drink coffee to hold you over until lunchtime? Waiting until lunch to have your first real meal… Read more »