Spring Produce Recipe Round-up

I am so happy that Spring is finally upon us. I love the warm weather and watching all the plants growing, especially the plants that provide us with tasty fruits and veggies! Produce tastes best when it’s picked fresh and in season. And as a bonus, in-season produce has more nutrients (which haven’t started to fade while waiting in a warehouse across the country or even the world). In-season produce usually lasts longer in the fridge or pantry, since it’s fresher, too.

seasonal produce spring

Check out this list of Spring fruits and veggies. Add more of these to your meal plan to save money and eat smart.

Here are several recipes, in no particular order, that use Spring fruits and veggies that you’ll find in your grocery store, or even better, at your local farmers market.

Which of these recipes will you be adding to your menu this spring?

PS- Is anyone going to try the Sardine Spinach Pasta? It sounds weird, but I love sardines! (They’re also really good for you.)

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