Build Your Own Smoothies with MyPlate

Making tasty smoothies will keep your busy family happy and full of energy. Mix and match smoothies using MyPlate as a guide! A smoothie with three or four food groups makes a great on-the-go breakfast or snack.

  1. Start with a healthy fruit. Use fresh, frozen, or canned fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, peaches, pineapple, and more! Smoothies are a great way to use leftover or canned fruit that you already have in your #BetterPantry. Fruits that are too ripe or bruised to enjoy on their own are great for smoothies!
  2. Next, add spinach, carrots, or cucumbers. These are some awesome veggie options that will help your kids enjoy vegetables!
  3. Then, add low-fat milk, yogurt, or frozen yogurt. These are healthy sources of dairy that will make your family’s bones strong. Greek yogurt and nut butters are also a good way to add protein.
  4. Finally, add a whole grain for extra fiber or a more filling smoothie. Scoop rolled oats into your smoothie, or put whole grain granola on top!

Let’s make some smoothies using food groups from MyPlate!

First, try making a peanut butter banana smoothie. Use 1½ frozen bananas for fruit. If your bananas aren’t frozen, just add some ice! Add 1 spoonful of peanut butter for protein, ¼ cup of oats for a whole grain, and ½ cup of low-fat milk for dairy. This makes a delicious smoothie and uses four of the food groups from MyPlate.

Next, let’s make a mixed berry smoothie with greens! You can use 1½ cups of frozen berries for fruit and add a small handful of spinach to get some veggies in. Then, add ½ cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt for dairy. You can blend this smoothie with ½ cup of water to make it extra smooth.

If you are making smoothies for the whole family, add more of each ingredient. If your family likes thicker smoothies, add more frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, or ice. If your family likes thinner smoothies, add more low-fat milk or water, or dump in the juice from your canned fruits. Once you have made some delicious smoothies, share your family’s favorites in the comments!

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