Benefits of Getting Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Do you ever wonder if it’s worth the struggle to get your kids in the kitchen?  It can be a challenge, but your efforts will pay off in the future. You can help your kids to develop a long-lasting love for food and nutrition and motivate them to build healthy routines. There are many valuable lessons for them to learn in the cooking process!

Title, “what can your kids gain from helping out in the kitchen? Four tips listed: 1) confidence to prepare meals when they are older, 2) math and reading skills when following a recipe, 3) long-lasting, healthy lifestyle habits 4) money management skills

Your Kids Can Help Out in Every Step of the Cooking Process

Every good meal starts with planning. If you are picking a recipe for dinner or deciding on a new vegetable to try out, let your kids have the final say! This will help to empower their decision-making skills. Develop their money management skills by getting them involved in the budgeting process. 

Next, let them help you while food shopping. Going to a local farmers’ market is a fun summer activity for the whole family. Your kids can get excited about eating fresh fruits and vegetables if they get to learn where your produce comes from. Give them an opportunity to use their math skills as you pay for groceries. 

Now comes the cooking. Figure out which tasks are appropriate for kids based on their age. Here’s an Apple Coleslaw recipe to try out with your older kids, or make this Green Smoothie with the help of your younger kids. When following a recipe, they will be learning math and reading skills. Spark creativity in the kitchen with a silly but nutritious recipe

The final step is cleanup. Cleaning as you go or using a trash bowl are helpful tools to make cleanup easier. You can also play games to make cleaning fun: set a timer and make it a race to get the kitchen spotless before the time is up. To motivate your kids, offer rewards like letting them pick their favorite meal for a future dinner.

As you include your kids in the steps of the cooking process ,they are learning important skills that will stick with them for many years to come!

By Elizabeth Grace Hirscher

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