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Herbed Popcorn & Pretzels

Herbed Popcorn & Pretzels is a tasty and healthy snack. Eat it while you're watching a movie or pack it to take on the go.

Prep Time10 minutes

Total Time10 minutes


Please note: these estimates are based on the intended serving size.

Ingredients (Scaling)

  • bag(s) 94% fat-free microwave popcorn, popped
  • fluid ounces unsalted pretzel twists
  • fluid ounces dried parsley
  • fluid ounces garlic powder
  • fluid ounces ground black pepper
  • fluid ounces onion powder
  • fluid ounces dried thyme
  • Nonstick cooking spray

Herbed Popcorn & Pretzels


  • In a mixing bowl, toss popcorn and pretzels together.

  • In a separate mixing bowl, combine all spices together.

  • Spritz the popcorn and pretzel mixture with nonstick cooking spray. Sprinkle half the seasoning over the mixture and shake bowl to distribute. Spritz popcorn and pretzels with nonstick cooking spray again. Sprinkle with remaining seasoning and shake to evenly distribute.

    Herbed Popcorn & Pretzels - Eat Smart, Move More VA Herbed Popcorn & Pretzels - Eat Smart, Move More VA