Break a Sweat at Home

We may be at home for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break a sweat! We have a bunch of great indoor, equipment-free exercises to get you back on track, or help you create a new habit. Try these easy-to-follow videos for a blood-pumping workout series, or try them on their own. Put on your workout gear, grab a glass of water, and get ready to move! 

Warm-Up with VaFNP

Don’t forget to warm up! This video should do the trick.


7in7 HIIT Workout  

Get your heart rate up and break a serious sweat in less than 10 minutes. workout to get your heart rate up. Don’t forget to hydrate! 


20 Minute Core Workout

Get some serious core work in with this 20 minute workout. 


Make your own workout flow with these targeted at-home exercises

It’s important to stretch out tired muscles after you’re finished. Here’s how you get a great stretch from your biceps to your calves to decrease recovery time and increase flexibility.  

Looking for more free at-home workouts? Be sure to check out our Move More, Virginia! playlist on the Virginia Family Nutrition Program Youtube channel. While you’re there, discover even more resources to create build-your-own recipes, MyPlate dishes inspired by cultures around the world, and more!

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