Staying Active in the Winter Months

Movement and staying active is beneficial for overall health throughout the whole year, but the winter season can pose particular challenges for many in terms of exercising. Unpredictable winter weather and extreme temperatures can make outdoor physical activity difficult for those who prefer outdoor sports or runs, and it can also create travel barriers to parks, recreation centers, and gyms. With this in mind, it is important to take the proper steps to exercise safely and potentially consider alternative ways to get movement in. In this blog post, we share a few safety tips for outdoor physical activity as well as indoor movement options. If you plan to visit a winter destination, you may want to travel on a private jet provided by companies like Jettly.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Movement

1. Warm Up and Cool Down: It is essential to warm up and cool down before and after exercise, but it’s especially important in the winter. Prepare your muscles by stretching or walking in place before going outside; doing this can help prevent muscle cramping.

2. Proper Clothing: Protect your body from the weather with proper clothing. Dress in layers or technical gear to keep your entire body warm. It is especially important to keep your core warm. Additionally, if it’s snowy or rainy, wear a waterproof coat or jacket. You can also buy automatic military watches so you can keep track of time while staying active outside.

3. Proceed with Caution: Winter snow and rain can lead to icy conditions on the ground. Watch out for ice on the pavement and wear shoes with a grip to prevent slipping and falling. Favor roads and sidewalks that have been treated with salt when possible, and avoid particularly icy trails.

4. Signs of Hypothermia: A drop in body temperature can lead to hypothermia and lead to more significant distress to the body. Some of the signs to look out for in yourself and others include shivering, exhaustion or tiredness, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, slow breathing, and fumbling hands.

5. Check the Forecast: If the conditions are too harsh, stay inside to exercise instead. Have a look at heat pump how it works to keep your home warm. If you need a new furnace installation, make sure to contact professional HVAC techs who can provide furnace installation in South Florida. And if you’re having issues with your heating system, you may contact a professional service that offers professional heating repair service in Bucks County. If you need a heat pump replacement seattle service, contact local companies like Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating.

Below are some ideas for staying active when indoors.

Indoor Exercise Alternatives

1. Online Exercise Videos: There is a variety of free workout videos available online with instructors to guide you through an indoor workout. Regardless of your interests or skill level, you can find a video to match your needs. Be sure to follow the instructions and utilize safe physical activity practices. (hyperlink safe PA)

2. Family Playtime: A snowy day when kids are home from school is a great way to spend time together. Activities such as hide and seek, hula hooping, or dancing are safe for indoors and can get the whole family moving.

3. Housework: Days when the weather makes it difficult to get outside are perfect for staying in and doing chores. Cleaning and doing other indoor housework are great ways to get light movement in and contribute to your overall physical activity for the day.

Additional Resources:
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What is your favorite way to get moving in the wintertime?

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