Fruit Before and After Exercise

Have you ever taken a big bite of an apple and enjoyed how juicy it was? Do you snack on sweet strawberries? How much do you love biting into a ripe, yummy banana? Fruit is nature’s gift to you: it is so tasty and so healthy for you!

Why else do we love fruit? There are three big reasons:

  1. Fruit is portable! It is so easy to throw an orange, a banana or an apple into your pocket, your backpack, your purse, or even carry it in your hand. There is no packaging or wrappers either (except for a banana or orange peel!), so when you’re done eating it, you don’t have to clean up yucky crumbs or look for a trashcan to throw it away.
  2. Fruit is hydrating! When you’re thirsty, some grapes or a slice of watermelon can make you feel better. If there’s no water fountain nearby or if you forgot your water bottle, you’ll feel good about eating fruit that will keep you hydrated.
  3. Fruit contains many good-for-you vitamins and minerals! They make your bones, your muscles, and your brain grow big and strong so you can run, play, and do your homework. 

Eating fruit before you exercise gives you lots of energy during your fun, and when you eat it afterwards, it gives you the energy you need to be ready for your next big adventure! During exercise, we can lose a lot of water by sweating, and we need to stay hydrated. Along with drinking plenty of water, eating fruit can help with that. So next time you’re outside playing soccer or inside playing kickball, make sure to eat a piece of fruit before and after. Let’s stay energized together by eating lots of yummy fruit!

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