Making Healthy Choices at School

School lunches have many foods to choose from: pizza, nachos, cookies, and even soda. These foods are no doubt delicious, but eating them too often is unhealthy for our growing bodies. It’s okay to have a treat now and then, but eating these foods for lunch every day isn’t good for us! So what’s a person to do when they’re tempted by all the vending machines and the big buffet line? Making lunches at home gives us a little more control over what foods we eat, but sometimes, it’s not always possible. So, let’s talk about some good choices we could make in the cafeteria line. 

We should try to choose a couple of different things each lunch period: veggies, fruits, proteins, and lots of water! Instead of snagging a burger or hotdog, consider picking up a salad or lean protein. Instead of fizzy, sugary soda, choosing water or a low-sugar energy drink will make you feel happy and hydrated! 

Dessert can be hard to say “no” to, especially when our friends are eating ice cream, cookies, or brownies. Fruit is a great alternative. Fruit is healthy, helps our bodies grow big and strong, and it’s sweet and delicious! 

Eating healthier foods can be difficult at school, but stick to these tips and you’ll have a great lunch that fuels your body. After eating a healthy lunch, you can run, jump, play, and get good sleep at nighttime so you can do it all again tomorrow! 

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