Four Staple Canned Goods for Summer

You may be used to using canned goods for soups, stews, and other hearty winter meals, but did you know that canned goods are helpful all year long? By mixing and matching canned foods with in-season and on sale meats and produce, the budget friendly recipe options are endless. In addition to being inexpensive, canned foods are convenient and require little to no preparation at all, which saves you time and effort. Below are four shelf stable goods to keep on hand for quick and easy summer recipes:

Black Beans

Black beans can be used in a variety of ways, and because they contain fiber and protein, they help you feel full and satisfied. Use black beans as a hearty salad topping, to make black bean and corn salsa for a snack, or combine with brown rice for a filling side dish.


Corn is great to keep on hand as a salad topping, quesadilla filling, or to make corn, sweet onion, tomato salad. Combine black beans, corn, and rice to make stuffed peppers for an easy dinner option. Switch to a can of creamed corn to make cornbread to go with BBQ chicken or pulled pork.

Garbanzo Beans

These versatile beans can be blended with a few other ingredients to make hummus or roasted red pepper hummus for a fresh summer spread that goes well with fresh vegetables. Garbanzo beans, along with other canned beans, are great to have on hand for quick lunch or dinner options. In less than 15 minutes, with the help of some fresh herbs you can create a refreshing side dish that is full of fiber and protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Canned Peaches
An open can of yellow peaches.

Peaches canned in fruit juice are an easy summertime snack.

Choose peaches canned in fruit juice rather than syrup to avoid added sugar. Combine with granola and yogurt for a breakfast parfait or use to bake a peach cobbler or pie for a dessert the whole family will love.

Canned fruit in general is great to keep on hand for a healthy snack or lunch side when fresh fruit is unavailable.

There are a wide variety of recipes on our blog that incorporate these staple canned goods. But don’t limit yourself! Get creative and see what summer salsas and side dishes you can come up with and share your creations with us!

By Kiley Kettle

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